Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 2 by Apicius. Cookery and Dining in Imperial Rome by Apicius. No cover available. Download; Bibrec. Apicius is a collection of Roman cookery recipes, usually thought to have been compiled in the . Cookery and Dining in Imperial Rome. Trans. Joseph Dommers. Full text. Full text is available as a scanned copy of the original print version. Get a printable copy (PDF file) of the complete article (K), or click on a page.

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Despite an extensive fiction practice he found time to edit “Le Grand Dictionnaire de Cuisine” and was not apiciud writing mustard advertisements, either. If by any chance an uninitiated hand should attempt to grasp such veiled directions, failure would be certain. It has served as a prototype of most ancient and modern books.

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Vehling has exceptional fitness for the task. Still, the few persons able to read the messages therein cannot use them: They were considered a very powerful aphrodisiac.

This phrase is curious enough in itself to deserve illustration. A apiicus of his literary performance with that of the artistic and accomplished writer of the Renaissance, Platina, will at once show up Apicius as a hard-working practical cook, a man who knew his business but who could not tell what he knew.

The friends of Apicius who failed to heed this advice, also failed to comprehend the precepts, they were cured of their curiosity, and blamed the master for their own shortcomings. Today lives a race of beef eaters. These mills were larger and were driven by donkeys attached to beams stuck in the square holes.


Apicius. Cookery and Dining in Imperial Rome

They and Athenaeus cannot be overlooked. Louis Pelzmann, Chicago, Ill. There was cookerj of dullness about the boy, however, for at the age of fourteen years, he had already four years study of Latin and one of Greek to his credit. Barber, New York, N.

They were not specialists in the sense of modern writers like Reyniere, Rumohr, Vaerst; nor did they approach in technical knowledge medieval writers like Martino, Platina, Torinus. Besides the translation and notes there is much other material, both scholarly and informative, covering cooking in the ancient world, the history and bibliography of Apicius manuscripts and editions, an index and vocabulary of Roman cookery terms, 49 illustrations including drawings by the author and facsimiles from earlier editions, and much more.

Our own age is but the grandchild of antiquity. If only a Petronius had written that story! Modern hotels, because of their commercial character, have done little to perpetuate it.

Cookery and Dining in Imperial Rome

The bulbs vary in size, shape, bitterness, and colour. King “Poor starving wit”–SwiftDr. Promptly we lost this unctuous manuscript, as we feared we would; if not deciphered today, the book has long since been discarded as being a record of the ravings of a madman. The only fly in the ointment of life is that we don’t know what it is all about, and probably never will know. We recall, Petronius, describing some of these “stunts” is a contemporary of Nero whom he satirizes as “Trimalchio”.

As a matter of fact, they used condiments niggardly and sparingly imperoal is plainly described in some formulae, if only for the one good and sufficient reason that spices and condiments which often came from Asia and Africa were extremely expensive.


They knew the nutritive value of liver, proven by many formulae. Such special treatises are mentioned by Athenaeus cf. A few, we will say, are of the rarest beauty and of consummate perfection in the realm of gastronomy, while some others again are totally unintelligible cookrry reasons sufficiently explained. Perhaps Northern Asia still holds in store a large future supply of meat but this no doubt will be claimed by Asia. Not totally sure about the accuracy of its apiius since it’s almost years old at this point, but still, quite gorgeous.

Were we writing Mr. Those who would know something about the ancient table cannot do without Pompeii.

This and the foregoing formulae illustrate the ancients’ attempts at preserving foods, and they betray their ignorance of “processing” by heating them in hermetically sealed vessels, the principle of which was not cooekry until by Appert which started the now gigantic industry of canning.

While the years at Vienna were the happiest of his life, he had a distaste for the “superheated, aristocratic and military atmosphere.

Despite his strangeness and remoteness, Apicius is not dead by any means. There are also methods for preserving foods, revitalizing them, even adulterating them. Indeed, there were many things that the good folks would have loved to point to with pride. Danneil’s preface is datedthough the date of publication is Oct 29, James rated it liked it Shelves: Apici excerpta a Vinidario survives in a single 8th-century uncial manuscript.

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