View and Download Digi AnywhereUSB user manual online. Digi Remote I/O Concentrator. AnywhereUSB Remote Control pdf manual download. View and Download Digi AnywhereUSB/5 installation manual online. REMOTE I/ O CONCENTRATOR. AnywhereUSB/5 Switch pdf manual download. AnywhereUSB User Manual ( Rev. J). 3. Digi Contact Information. Product information is available on the Digi website, , including.

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The AnywhereUSB automatically determines the type of image being uploaded. This is the typical connection method.

Gray—In use by other host PC. When you have completed adding the subnet address to the Discovery List, click on the Close button to save the list.

After configuring Connectware Manager server and the Device ID, you must configure the following settings: Anywhereusb User Manual Rev.

When enabled, this device will listen for a manuql which will be initiated by the Connectware Manager server. After the connection anywhersusb completes, the AnywhereUSB Configuration Utility will update its Connection Status information and look similar to the following: To print the manual completely, please, download it.

This does NOT mean that the maximum number of hubs in a system is five. Canceling Changes To cancel changes to configuration settings, click the Refresh or Reload button on the Web browser. A hub can detect attachment and detachment of downstream devices and enable and monitor the distribution of the power to downstream devices via their integral hardware and the operating system.

Online Help Online help is available for all screens of the web interface, and for common configuration and administration tasks. Anywherfusb IP address or hostname of the Connectware Manager server.


By selecting mxnual of the pre-defined profiles, the configuration options are focused only on the settings required for that particular profile. If desired, you can enable password authentication. As with device configuration and monitoring, it covers performing administrative tasks through a variety of device interfaces. Red—Firmware is being updated.



Static DNS servers are specified independently of any network interface and its connection state. Page 23 Command Menu: If you do not know these manua consult the documentation that came with your serial device. Customer Support If you need assistance, contact technical support: Got it, continue to print.

To open the utility, double click the AnywhereUSB icon in the system tray. If this configuration is not appropriate for the AnywhereUSB unit, simply input the desired Group number, and then click Update. Indeed, up to seven hubs can be connected parallel at any given level. This device anywhdreusb can be useful for identifying a specific AnywhereUSB when working with a large number of devices in multiple locations.

Select Preferences from the File menu and then click the Uninstall button. At the bottom of the page are checkboxes for the SNMP traps that can be used: Preferences Allows you to disable or modify the frequency in which the utility updates its discovered concentrator list.

Digi AnywhereUSB User guide |

The profile can be changed, or retained but individual settings adjusted. Or, log back on to the device by clicking the link on the screen. For newer operating anywhegeusb with the install. Older AnywhereUSB driver and firmware versions may not support multi-host connections. USB architecture allows a cascaded multiple hub configuration with certain power limitations explained later in this section. For more information on installing the Connectware Manager server, consult the documentation maunal was included with the server.


If disabled, COM port redirection cannot be used for the device. If you would like AnywhereUSB Information to be displayed in the discovery window of the anywhereush utility, you may add the address of the firewall into the Discovery List. To properly use this mqnual, the Connectware Manager server must first be installed on a server system. This option only applies when the Connectware server is being used to configure and manage the device. Due to the limited available power for bus-powered hubs, cascading two bus-powered hubs is an illegal topology, and devices connected to the second hub will not function.

Using the front panel Reset button If the AnywhereUSB cannot be accessed from the web interface, the configuration can be restored to factory defaults using the Reset button.

This causes the browser to reload the page. The multi-host connections feature allows multiple host PCs to establish concurrent connections with the AnywhereUSB unit. The Connectware Manager server allows devices to be configured and anywherfusb from remote locations.

Note that AnywhereUSB devices behind firewalls, as displayed in the discovery window, show the IP address anywbereusb their private network.

Digi AnywhereUSB User Manual

This Multi String value contains a list of devices that anyqhereusb AnywhereUSB will enumerate all other devices will show as “unknown device.

Page 5 Enter a Device Name that easily identifies the Concentrator. Drivers are available for a wide range of operating systems.

These settings are used to control the keep-alive settings of the various interfaces and should only be changed when the defaults do not properly work.

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