Anna Godbersen is the bestselling author of The Luxe novels. She was born in California, the daughter of a cab driver and a painter. She writes for various New . I’m a sucker for great relationships between female characters. beautiful days anna godberson Beautiful Days picks up where its predecessor. I read Bright Young Things, the first in the series with the same name, early last year and pretty much loved it. Anna Godbersen has been a.

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However, one of the things I love about this series is that although we are shown the glamour, wealth and privilege of many of the families in the book, the emptiness and shallowness of the lives that characters such as Astrid in particular are living is also depicted. He didn’t begrudge other people their choices, godbersdn he left a life grander than the one he was born into.

Rebecca-Books: Beautiful Days – Anna Godbersen (#2)

Cordelia is nursing heartbreak, and intent on becoming career-focused. A speakeasy was an establishment that illegally distributed alcohol during the time of prohibition — a dangerous undertaking when Federal Prohibition agents were dedicated to the task of eliminating bootleggers.

Letty, though, isn’t content to just be a socialite, she’s willing to do beaufiful about anything for her dream of becoming a singer. The plot continues to be more intriguing than the Luxe books more happensand I find the characters immensely more likeable.

Cordelia finally tells her she can sing at the nightclub she and Charlie are opening, and her entire life revolves around that. In all, Beautiful Days spends too much time on trivial or useless situations – and makes the last half of the book too crammed with action in an attempt to neatly tie everything up. I’ll be vague- no spoilers here, I hope. Letty still dreams of being a singer and Cordelia promises to let her sing opening night – only to then tell her someone else will sing instead.


She was so interesting in the first novel and became nothing more than a stereotypically silly girl obsessed with her wedding. Too soon did she seem to forget about I was so disappointed in this book. I am hoping in the next installment she has the limelight and the story will revolve around her.

I completely immersed myself in the world of speakeasies, bootleggers and flappers. He’s probably too good for that delusional idiot. There was a bit of a scare for one of our characters, but I never really felt like she was in any real gobdersen — and I don’t thing Godbersen intended the reader to feel that way.

Beautiful Days

The camaraderie between Astrid, Cordelia, and Letty leaps through the pages and their care-free attitudes as they spend nights on godbedsen town reminds me of a few college nights spent with some o Anna Godbersen just has this magical way of writing that immerses you dayx another world.

So underplayed- it was over, I felt, in minutes. I also hated that her preoccupation with the odious Max who certainly didn’t deserve any such attention was interfering with her opportunity to run a speakeasy. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

Gocbersen it, of course. There are moments where I disliked him but latterly, he is much more likeable because of events – although still forceful and demanding.

Lists with This Book. I had no problem remembering what had happened previously. I’m tempted to grab Dags Lucky Ones at the library and spend a few minutes reading the end of Letty’s story because she’s the only one I care about and not enough to suffer through the awful Cordelia story and the absolute bore that’s become of Astrid’s story.

I did get it – but like a lot of books I didn’t read it until now. Even though I didn’t enjoy Beautiful Days dyas as much as the previous book, I was still happy to be back in Godbersen’s world.


Beautiful Days (Bright Young Things, #2) by Anna Godbersen

As far as sequels go, this book didn’t fall as short from the first as others. Astrid- where did her wild side go 3. Meanwhile, socialite-born Astrid Donal has always been discontent with her life of luxury. Despite how it might be more believable for, say, a highborn society girl like Astrid in beautifil s to consider premarital sex than the equally highborn girls in the Godbwrsen books in the s.

No character development and a sudden detachment from the bootlegger’s daughter.

Godbersen yodbersen a fabulous job at foreboding the Depression. It was exciting and exagerated and yet completely down to earth, in the sense that you could imagine all these things happening back ajna those times.

However, the story fell a beautifful short of exciting. As always, Godbersen transports us into the wonderf Originally posted at Read Me Bookmark Me Love Me After the luxurious first novel of the series, things begin to heat up and become deadly serious in Beautiful Days. I felt that the way the author mixed in the gang scene with the girly lifestyle of those times was done very well.

The most historical things in it are the clothes, some slang and, of course, the Prohibition and bootlegging. Cordelia thought of her when they first became friends, when they were still girls and Letty blushed when anyone said even the most casual thing to her. But things quickly change.

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