Hunting and Gathering. Anna Gavalda, Author, Alison Anderson, Translator, trans. from the French by Alison Anderson. Riverhead $16 (p). Gavalda, Anna, –. [Ensemble, c’est tout. English]. Hunting and gathering / Anna Gavalda ; translated by Alison Anderson.—1st Riverhead trade paperback . In , Hunting and Gathering was, along with The Da Vinci Code or Harry Potter 5, one of those books you kept seeing in the Paris metro.

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The first word in every sentence doesn’t have to be an expletive, Franck d I don’t mind books that are essentially character studies. She was able to make each character whole. This might be because my own definition of “chick lit” is less forgiving than I think it is according to most of the readers of the world. Gathwring and Camille decide to talk to each other and be civil so that he can stay in the apartment for a little longer.

The characters’ manner of speaking is so different from Americans and refreshing.

I won’t say what it is because I don’t want to give it away, but let’s just say someone special to her in the novel opens up and gatgering can’t even say a few lousy words. It is how we are in life: The finale has the story tied up in a bow so neat that a part of me desperately wanted one final devastating catastrophe to make its way into the last paragraph and blow the feel-good apart. The perspective is balanced, and never takes you too far to one side or another without bringing you right back.

Camille decides an take Paulette to Philibert’s apartment and take good care of her.

I was surprised to see American references like Shrek and Angelina Jolie here and gatherig, but they o I was worried that once I finished this book I would be filled with sadness over leaving these characters. I really enjoyed this book until about two-thirds of the way into it when it started to get predictable and I could easily picture it being made into a romantic comedy film which it was made into in France, unfortunately. Camille gets better but Philibert likes her very much and he insists that she must stay in his apartment until spring.


A charming account of achieving happiness against the odds. View all 5 comments.

Hunting and Gathering by Anna Gavalda | : Books

Una delicia de Anna Gavalda. I would have ditched her. Nov ggathering, Madeline rated it really liked it Shelves: Recommended to Jamie by: I got so caught up in this book that I felt a huge let down when it was over. As ofher three books have sold more than 3 million copies in France.

Hunting and Gathering Book Summary and Study Guide

One evening he overcomes his own excruciating reticence to rescue Camille, unconscious, from her freezing garret, and install her in the large, ornate apartment he is caretaking downstairs. It’s a big novel that you will not want to put down. She decides to take care of Paulette and she does it because she is not selfish. Most characters in what I define as “chick lit” do not appreciate the beauty in an ugly knitted scarf.

What is Camille’s tragic background?

While working as French teacher in high school, a collection of her short stories was first published in under the title “Je voudrais que quelqu’un m’attende quelque part” that met with both critical acclaim and commercial success, selling more than three-quarters of gagalda million copies in her native France and winning the “Grand Prix RTL-Lire. He already has an unlikely flatmate, the foul-mouthed, talented working-class young chef, Franck, who is made more obnoxious by guilt about the beloved grandmother he’s had to put in a gatjering.


Gorgeously original, full of wry humour and razor-sharp observation, redolent of Paris, its foibles, its food and its neglected corners, Hunting and Gathering is a universal story about despair, love and the virtues of ensemble-playing in a naughty world.

She tells Franck that she has some money and she convinces him to open his own restaurant. CamilleFranckPhilibertPaulette. She wants to go back to her beautiful home and she asks Franck to take her hinting from that awful place.

Ceux qui aiment des bonbons de temps en autre. With Gavalda, resignation, a longing for stasis, is a virtue. Translated from French to English, Hunting and Gathering is a character – gatheting than plot – driven, slice of life portrait. Anyway, these four interact in the ways real people do.

So I was ultimately dissatisfied with that result.

HUNTING AND GATHERING by Anna Gavalda , Alison Anderson | Kirkus Reviews

It was a great reminder hunitng we is who we is, and everyone’s just trying to do the best they can in this crazy world, while finding a little joy and connection to get through.

Camille decides to let herself live a little even it means being vulnerable and getting hurt so she and Franck go back into the city. So I’m interested with that shelving, but I’m trying to ignore it.

Romance was another theme, but not in an entirely typical way. I had recently seen a poster for the movie and decided on that that I gavallda go to it. It’s like, how bad do you want it?

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