The only other necessary comment is that the Oak publication Jesse McReynolds – Mandolin, by Andy Statman is unfortunately out of print, and has been for. His Bill Monroe and Jesse McReynolds influences are especially clear on Andy’s Ramble, a release wi. Available with an Apple Music subscription. Buy a cheap copy of Bluegrass Masters: Jesse McReynolds book by Andy Statman. Free shipping over $

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I’d done it one time, but don’t ask me to do it again! In the era of the Internet you can now catch up on the band at the Jim and Jesse website. So I knew how the Stanley Brothers started, and I heard them at that time.

Jesse McReynolds

It seems to me that you took a mandolin at a time when people like Bill Monroe were very popular, and you almost deliberately did it differently.

I believe it was the first mando book I ever purchased when it was first in print. Jim is a good bluegrass singer, though.

But we still jssse some of those things.

Jesse McReynolds book by Andy Statman

As with some other instrumental innovators Bobby Osborne is an immediate examplehis playing has been partly subservient to the purpose of providing an all-round show with the band; and of course Jesse is as much jexse singer as an instrumentalist. The only other necessary comment is that the Oak publication Jesse McReynolds – Mandolinby Andy Statman is unfortunately out of print, and has been for some time.

I’ve seen nesse bands make more out of the thing that goes wrong than the perfect performance. When I started, I tried to sound as much like what I heard the banjo playing as I could.


Then he was interested in a full-time job with us again. I’ve heard a lot, and learned a lot from pedal steel guitar players.

Certainly Ancy and Jesse and the Virginia Boys are as much a force in the bluegrass world today as they were inor indeed during their early career back in the 50s and 60s. The way you use your right hand is the opposite extreme of the free, loose wrist of players like Red Rector. Eat up a little bit, and start over again. He plays mandolin like Kenny Baker plays fiddle, he has no bother with his wrist. I qndy wondering which one is the right one. I remember your comment, “Oh, I’ve got to get this up to play like Bill Monroe.

But every time I pick up the mandolin, as I do finger exercises, I have no particular pattern I run on. I tried to locate a copy about 4 years ago and came up empty. While comparisons can be misleading, I think it makes the point to say that McReynolds is to Monroe what Reno is to Scruggs: They just stayed with the old time music, and we evidently just had a different ear for music.

Jesse McReynolds Mandolin : Bluegrass Masters by Andy Statman (Paperback)

I got to listening to the Sons of the Pioneers. What sort of band would you have had then, instrumentally? I know what I used it on, because it was deeper, but between mceynolds Paganoni and the Lloyd Loar I couldn’t tell the difference. So we were all trying to get started at the same time, in the same town.

Jesse has been interviewed many times see below for some useful sourcesand we tried to avoid areas that are already well documented e.


Jesse McReynolds book by Andy Statman The problem with Jesse’s style, to me, is his use of his superflexible double-jointed thumb. I’ve played that tune so many different times and so many different ways.

This was to see if it would work on the mandolin, with a straight pick.

This is indeed only one facet of his playing, and for a broader view of Jesse’s music you should listen to his recordings and check out his video teaching course at Homespun Tapes. I get better exercise doing crosspicking on the guitar, for the right hand. Jesse McReynolds book by Andy Statman Statman’s book is Jesse’s solos note for note and is exhaustive, but the cross-picking section in Jack Tottle’s book is an excellent and very clear introduction to the style, and well worth looking into, especially as it is still in print.

You have quite a low action, don’t you? Jim was in service at that time, too, so I was trying to get started, I was playing guitar and trying to sing a little bit. Yeah, it sounds odd, some of the things I do.

Sometimes Jim will break a string and have to go off stage, so I have to cover for his guitar playing, and I find you get more out of a mandolin with as many open strings as possible, to make it ring. Shelton Special Allen Shelton, Rounder We had our own band there, and we were playing on one radio station, and Flatt and Scruggs were on the other, and the Stanley Brothers.

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