An easy to read, but totally devastating attack against the heresy of Arminianism. Recommended reading by John Owen, John Gill, and Augustus Toplady. An Antidote Against Arminianism: Or A Treatise To Enervate And Confute All The Five Points Thereof () [Christopher Ness] on *FREE*. AN ANTIDOTE AGAINST ARMINIANISM or A Treatise to Enervate and Confute all the Five Points thereof [By Christopher Ness] on *FREE*.

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That Christ redeems no greater number than the Spirit sanctifies is evident from 1Jo 5: Though all real Shulamites find the presence of the two armies So 6: If the absolute will of God be the universal cause of all things, then no event can fall beyond or beside. I shall never be satisfied till I am absent from the body and present with the Lord, till I awake with Thy likeness Php 1: Of Arminianism in General It hath ever been the lot of truth like the Lord of it to be crucified between right-hand and left-hand thieves.

If there were no will there would be no hell: Then nature of saintship proves final perseverance; if saintship be a service, subjection, sonship and marriage, then saints cannot fall away totally and finally. What then cast the balance? Inhe became a preacher at Leeds, and in he was a lecturer under the vicar, Dr.

There cannot be a cause of the will of God out of God. It exempts the creature from the power of God, as if man, spider-like, could spin a thread out of his own bowels whereon to climb to Heaven.

All the sins of some men. Born of God by the grace of God; and, if we be born subjects into the kingdom of this gracious Lord and King, we must die His subjects; there is no alienation.

He was excommunicated no less than four times, and when in or a writ de excommunicato capiendo was issued against him, he removed to London, where he preached to a private congregation in Salisbury Court, Fleet Street. God was not bound to any of His actions concerning man.


That which makes God go out of Himself, in His immanent and eternal actings, ought not to be received; and the conditional decree doth so. Man purposeth, but God disposeth; because God by an absolute decree hath foreordained all things that do come to pass.

The second argument to prove the freeness of Divine decree is taken from the testimony of the Word of God the Bible in which it is affirmed to be a free act, an act of grace and not of debt, an act of love and special favour, founded upon the mere good pleasure of God.

Of Arminianism in General. It is the earnest penny of our salvation, not the pawn or pledge, which is to be returned again. If it depends on our persevering in faith, it cannot be firm and certain, according to the Arminian doctrine of falling away. It is granted that God hath a respect for all mankind. He was not obliged by acts, as acts are necessary by a moral obligation.

An Antidote Against Arminianism | The Reformed Reader

This goes to a denial of God being the first cause of all things. But the pot supposing it could speak could not blame the potter of injustice in appointing equal lumps to unequal ends.

There can be no choice made, where all are taken, and none left.

Then Satan cannot get beyond or between this love of God and us; for it was before the world was, and so before Satan was. There is a world of believers Rev. How can it be safely said that God ever intended the salvation of any others, but those who are, or shall be, effectually saved? It stands upon two unchangeable bottoms, even the Word and oath of God. And others He may cast into the womb of the new birth when in the very act of dropping out of the world, at the eleventh, yea, at the twelfth hour, as the thief on the cross.

Predestination is an immanent act of the Divine will; and so, not only the cause, but also the first cause of all created beings; and therefore cannot in any good sense be said to depend on foreseen transient acts in the creature; so, by consequence, must be an absolute act, unless we will make the volitions of God to come behind the created and temporary volitions of man, which is grossly absurd.

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There is as much beyond the truth as on this side. The fourth argument in defense of final perseverance respects spiritual enemies. If conversion be a new birth, then fallen man hath not a free-will to good. All this shows we are nothing, and have not a free-will to good, till begotten of God. That the Scriptures declare this, appears plain from Eph 1: All this comfort is lost in the contrary doctrine. If conversion be a new creation, then fallen man hath not a free- will to good.

The Spirit blows where it listeth John 3: Twelve of them selected as a sample. We may not reprehend what we cannot comprehend.

An Antidote Against Arminianism by Rev. Christopher Ness (1621-1705)

God hath no regard to faith in the one, or of infidelity in the other. Supra and Sub-lapsarianism, atminianism difference between stated. Reason must neither be the rule to measure faith by, nor the judge of it. First, Jacob the person.

That which infers a succession of acts in God ought not to be admitted, and election upon foresight doth so. Saving grace cannot be lost, though as respects its acts and operations it may not always be in exercise; but degrees and measures of grace formerly attained to may be lost.

That which sets up an inferior cause because a superior ought not be admitted, and the conditional decree doth so. We are elected in Him. Antidotee redeems only those whom the Father gave unto Him.

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