I’ve been researching some ancient texts lately and I’ve discovered one called the Ars Almadel, the Fourth Book in the Lesser Key of Solomon. Diagram is from Joseph Peterson’s excellent edition of The Lesser Key of Solomon. The text of the Almadel grimoire can also be found here at. Weiser’s Goetia includes the following blurb: “The Fourth Book, called Ars Almadel Salomonis, or the Art Almadel of Solomon, concerneth those.

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I will not make more than 4 almadels per month in any month and I cannot guarantee how long I will continue to offer these.

The Apmadel is an ancient magical tool and gateway to communicating with angels. There have even been a number of modern Orders that focus entirely on the grimoires, though even they are influenced by post-Golden Dawn magickal methodology.

Your contribution will let me know that my effort in seeing the project to the end is worthwhile. This portion of the work was later translated by S. Views Read Edit View history. What is left is creating molds for the plate and the candles, obtaining the rest of the raw materials, and contingencies that come up to allow for creating a viable product. A paperback hard copy of the book “On the Use of the Almadel.

It is possible that the Key of Solomon inspired later works such as the Lemegeton, also called The Lesser Key of Solomon, although there are many differences between both books.

This page was last edited on 30 Novemberat Shipping is free on these Almadels to anywhere in the United States. The fourth book deals with the evocation of the angels of the four “Altitudes” which has been interpreted as the angels of the four cardinal points.


Almadel of Solomon:

Indeed, it appears that the Ars Goetia is more dependent upon Scot’s translation of Weyer than on Weyer’s work in itself. Your contribution is very important at any level to bring this vision into life.

Several versions of the Key of Solomon exist, in various translations, and with minor or significant differences. The Ars Theurgia Goetia mostly derives from Trithemius’s Steganographiathough the seals and order for the spirits are different due to corrupted transmission via manuscript. Page 1 of 1. I am very close to having a completed project and the only thing that is standing in the way is the production costs of completing the project.

You cannot reply to topics in this forum. Because of this it may take a month or more to produce. Estimated delivery Sep Aolomon have created most of my prototype as you can see in the video. As far as I know, no one has ever produced an Almadel for sale to the public. This is a rough diagram of what the Almadel will look like.

The almqdel of these grimoires shocked Roman Catholic and many Protestant authorities so deeply, it triggered the Inquisitions and mass book burnings. The solonon described by the Angels for his Enochian system of magick seem to have been derived largely from the Almadel tradition. Mentioned by Trithemius and Weyer, the latter of whom claimed an Arabic origin for the work.

A footnote in one variant edition instead lists them as Oriens or Uriens, Paymon or Paymonia, Ariton or Egyn, and Amaymon or Amaimon, alternatively known as Samael, Azazel, Azael, and Mahazael purportedly their preferred rabbinic names.


The Lesser Key of Solomonalso known as Clavicula Salomonis Regis [note 1] or Lemegetonis an anonymous grimoire or spell book on demonology. The color of the Almadel belonging to the first Chora is lily white. Estimated delivery Dec To the second Chora a perfect red rose color; The third Chora is to be a green mixed with a white silver collour.

Art of Almadel

The final components are a small golden or silver talisman which rests in the center of the Almadel, and an earthen censor placed on the table directly almadek. The Almadel is a small wax magical altar with roots in Ancient Jewish and Arabian Magick, used to invoke and communicate with a specific group of angels with a crystal ball. Waite ignores it completely when describing the Lemegeton.

Grimoires and Manuscripts Category 2: Note; The golden seal will serve and is to be used in the operation of all the Altitudes. Making it exactly as in the grimoire “Ars Almadel. What may have inspired the Lemegeton are the conjurations and rituals of purification, and in a less important way, the clothing and magic symbols.

Due to the rather obscure nature of this magical artifact I am also writing a small book to optionally go along with the Almadel itself, which will contain details of the history of the Almadel, how it may be used for communicating with angels, and general information on some of the best ways to enter into communion with angels.

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