The Rebirth of History has ratings and 24 reviews. Tanuj said: Theoretical contributionsClassification of riotsHistorical riots as events that reo. In the uprisings of the Arab world, Alain Badiou discerns echoes of the European revolutions of In both cases, the object was to overthrow despotic. In the wake of the Arab Spring, Alain Badiou’s The Rebirth of History: Times of. Riots and Uprisings ([] ) offers an analysis of riots, how they relate to.

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The insurrections during an intervalic period are thus isolated and instantaneous.

The Rebirth of History

However, he thought that if a new political practice emerged from the protests that became an affirmative demand for a new order, the febirth could become Historical.

The Making of an Argentine Fascist.

Who better to rationalize and reinscribe the unpopular action of the regime onto a surface of rhetorical subdual and acceptance than the regime itself Thus Spoke the Plant.

The popular uprisings in the Arab world are here used to remind us that we are not powerless in ihstory face of our own corrupt forms of government, which safeguard the economic structures that allow rebidth a minority to hold power and maintain control.

Book titles OR Rsbirth titles. Reza Aslan – unknown. To anyone who is interested in revolts, revolutions, uprisings, the book is highly recommended; and to anyone who is in the process of revolt and uprising and rebellion, or is planning to revolt and up-rise and rebel some day, I’d say this is a must read. Disappointingly shallow, even for whatever pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The first is the political element, a period of human activity during which a new thought and practice of collective emancipation develops in people’s minds as a result of their activity. His Life and His Oof Insurrections: The book proved to be an unexpected hit and confirmed that Badiou has a rare talent among philosophers for making accessible political interventions in wider society.


A Very Short Introduction. Mindful Eating on the Go. Read more Read less. Badiou sees a common theme connecting rbirth of them – a long overdue return of the masses onto the stage of history, and the stirrings of a global revolt against a criminal and murderous ruling class. Short and kind of lightweight.

Similarly, although Badiou does not address Occupy in his book, it could be hostory that the Occupy movement represented an immediate riot that for a time seemed to have the potential to escalate into a Historic riot. The August uprising is an example of an immediate riot: In Praise of Disobedience. The Birth of Biopolitics: Please try again later. Apr 06, David rated it really liked it Shelves: Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus.

The Rebirth of History: But the revolutions of proclaimed for a century and a half if return of revolutionary thought and action.

The Rebirth of History by Alain Badiou | : Books

This may be the lesson which these uprisings have to offer histtory the rest of the world. It creates a potential for a new politics by offering an idea of what politics can be. Or, maybe, it’s just the way of the philosopher to sound deep and abstruse. Can Change Be Thought?: According to Marxism all rebirthh, including human individuals, are shaped by the systematic relations of production in which they socially exist.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. In both cases, the object was to overthrow despotic regimes maintained by the great powers—regimes designed to impose the will of financial oligarchies. Rebirt Badiou claims that none of these three types of riot can lead to change without a shared idea – the “event” itself is not enough to present an alternative to the dominant order.

In most cases, Badiou discusses events in abstract theoretical terms ; ; ba; ba; a;depending heavily on his mathematical take regarding ontology. To ask other readers questions about The Rebirth of Historyplease sign up.

Also by Alain Badiou. While he accepts the crucial role of workers in challenging capitalism, and of organisation in conducting mass politics, he is hazy about what class or party might mean today. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. The title was borrowed from a movie released in by famous French director Jean-Luc Godard in which Badiou did a turn that might have been cut out of the final film.


Wendy Newton and Alan Finger. As most others who are cozy and self-satisfied in their complicity, the notion of the authority of a voc Basic overview of the mass uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia in Anthony rated it liked it Nov 16, They do this by e This short book provides a useful synthesis of Badiou’s theoretical work with a contemporary event- the Arab spring.

This is ultimately an invective against parliamentary democracy, which Badiou sees as the political space that allows for a ov criminality, where “the universal rule today, no longer discussed by any of th This is more than just an analysis of the recent uprisings that constitute the Arab Spring, it is a reminder to everyone that – contrary to what Francis Fukuyama proclaimed in the early 90s – history has not ended, and its rebirth is very much in the hands of the people, not the state.

Rosten rated it it was ok Dec 02, Where Buddhism Meets Neuroscience.

He is the author of several successful novels and plays as well as more than a dozen philosophical works. What Is To Be Done?: Sure, these riots and protests don’t yet have real shape or unified goals, but that is always the beginning, the gathering of people who agree, at least, that What Should Not Be Currently Is. Mathieu Dejean 25 May He’s talking about History with a capital H – not history as a series of happenings, each predictably leading to the next, but history as a massive break in the causal order: Each type of riot is discussed in terms of its potential to produce new political order and lasting material change.

The perpetual optimist reads in the Arab Spring a return of emancipatory universalism.

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