Alaa El-Baz gives an artistic touch to the design of bags and shoes


Holding a bag or wearing beautifully hand-drawn bespoke shoes is something special and adds elegance to the wearer, especially when presented in the trending colors and graphics of the season.

This is what the young creator, Alaa El-Baz returned to France in 2014 as well as after returning to Egypt.

She has created artistic wedding shoes for foreigners residing in Cairo and attracted attention with her art, especially after appearing with TV host Sherif Madkour on his show “Saa’a ma Sherif”.

Alaa El Baz

* Branch
The designer started showcasing her art on shoes, be it special occasion shoes or sneakers, and painted on them according to the buyer’s taste.

As well as using fashionable colors for her latest vogue Superwoman shoe designs.

By Alaa El-Baz
By Alaa El-Baz

*Free art
The art is characterized by its freedom, allowing the artist to create distinctive pieces, as the designs are not ready as each is chosen according to the taste of the buyer and El-Baz draws it.

She imports her materials from the United States because they contain fixed colors for the skin.

    ByAlaa El-Baz
By Alaa El-Baz

Each shoe design is priced differently because each piece is a custom-made piece of art made specifically for a different individual, resulting in each piece being priced differently.

*Latest fashion
Taking inspiration from leather bags is the latest trend in handbags, whether it is an art bag or an animal art bag.

Contributed by Yara Sameh

By Alaa El-Baz
By Alaa El-Baz
By Alaa El-Baz
By Alaa El-Baz


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