“Don -e- Araam” translated by Ahmad Shamlu is published. Jan 13, , New set of of Shamlu CD’s such as “Bagh Ayneh”, and “Qoqnus dar Baran” and some . Amhad Shamlu was born on December 12, , to the family of an army officer in Tehran. Like many children who grow up in army families, he received his. The Persian poet, also known by the surname Shamloo, or in his homeland as Ahmad Šāmlū, occasionally used the pen name A. Bamdad when writing poetry.

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InBlossoming in Mist was published. Starting inowing to the harsh political situation in his country, he led a rather secluded life that would last for the next eight years, working with Ayda on The Book Of Allyas well as many other literary endeavors, including a translation of And Quiet Flows The Don by Mikhail Sholokhov.

Satire and Epic in Shamlou’s Works. You are those same Fairies!! The first and second volumes of the Book of Streets went to print. Two years later he was arrested and kept in jail for 14 months. In he began his study of Hafiz, the classical grand poet of the Persian Language.

Life and Poetry of Ahmad Shamlou. Thank You for Your Contribution! He published several new translations and wrote a few film scripts.

Several audio cassettes were released of Shaamlu reciting other classical and modern poets’ work. He was freed in During the Japanese festival of Bon Obontwo altars are constructed, one to make offerings to the spirits of dead ancestors and the other to make offerings to…. But, even if The rhyme-life holds nothing But a prolonged accent of death. His new translation of Erskine Caldwell was published.


The Love Poems Of Ahmad Shamlu : NPR

Can’t you hear the sound of our Sham,u chains clinking Hey, look you Fairies! Master poet of Liberty”. Retrieved from ” https: At age 29, following the fall of Prime Minister Mohammad MosaddeqShamlou was arrested for being a member of the communist Tudeh Party of Iran and imprisoned for more than one year.

His complete collection of poems was printed in Germany. Mahmud Saba Kashani — How wonderful the firelights! An in this year he third collection of poems, Metals and Sense, was banned and destroyed by the police. His historical shanlu to the reformation of Persian poetry has been the subject of many books. He rejoined the Union of Iranian Writers and began publishing a new periodical, Ketab-e Jom’e to sshamlu success.

In with the harsh political situation in Iran, he would lead a rather secluded ahmwd that would last for the next eight years, working with Ayda on the Shxmlu of Streets, as well as many other literary endeavours, including a translation of ‘And Quiet Flows the Don’ by Mikhail Sholokhov. Shamlou is known for employing the style and words of the everyman. Contemporary Persian and Classical Persian are the same language, but writers since are classified as contemporary.

His translation of Barefoot, a novel by Zaharia Stancu, was released, establishing Shamlou’s authority as a translator. The first and second volumes of The Book of Alley went to print. We’ll be free forever!

Ahmad Shamlu

Journey in the mistNegah Publication. For infrastructure and impact, he uses shamou kind of everyday imagery in which personified oxymoronic elements are spiked with an unreal combination of the abstract and the concrete thus far unprecedented in Persian poetry, which distressed some of the admirers of more traditional poetry.


Fresh Air Ayda in the Mirror Ayda: Views Read Edit View history. He was invited by “Interlit” inthe World Literary Congress. And in his right foot shalu amputated due to severe diabetic problems.

At the end, The poem became useless and banal And the master became tired Of a lack of purpose!

Poet Ahmad Shamlu’s house placed on national heritage list – Tehran Times

His mother died in Some new books and tapes shwmlu CD’s has been added shmad Shamlu’s book store. His poetry has been translated into several languages, zhmad it remains a relatively undiscovered treasure in the West.

He intended to attend the German-established Tehran Technical School, one of the best secondary schools of that period and learn the German language. Inhe became editor-in-chief of Khusheh. You have no idea how things have changed! Inhe travelled to the United States and gave poetry readings in many cities. He travelled to Paris for medical treatment. Inhe started to write in a literary monthly called Sokhan-no. You have come to our world!! In Shamlou left high school to enrol in the technical College of Tehran.

He escaped and went into hiding. Fresh Air was the greatest event in our poetry—after Hafez”.

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