PALMAROLE BA.H, Endothermic white powder. Decomposition temp. PALMAROLE BA.H PVC/PE/PP/PS – fine cells structure – extrusion. ADEKA PALMAROLE SAS was formed in September as a joint venture between the ADEKA Corporation of Japan and the Palmarole Group.

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The programme now includes the ADK Stab NA, a nucleating agent for polypropylene, which adeoa characterised by excellent heat stabil Fair Profile K Free online registration is available. Kunststoffe international,Regulations, Markets, Trends Additives, other Sulfur based Sulfur-containing antioxidants, also referred to as thioethers, react with and decompose polymer peroxide to inert substances.

ADEKA maintains high quality and production standards together with a dedication to customer service.

K – Adeka Palmarole S.A.S. (Mulhouse) – Compounds (Polymer blends)

Material datasheets available free. Kunststoffe international,Growth in Specialties A search for “Palmarole” in Material Data Center leads to the following information: Additives, other Antioxidants – Blends Physical blends of stabilizers with different stabilization mechanisms are the state of the art today.

This means that, in the area of flame retardants, solutions are becoming established that were previously not regarded as competitive.

They are subject to short term changes at adwka market. Their effectiveness increases when used in combination with phosphites, thioethers and light stabilizers. Just small amounts of FCX are enough to achieve sufficient flame protection.


Adeka Palmarole 8 hits in the literature database Material Data Center offers information about the following products with the requested tradename. Home Imprint Privacy Statement About. To view a datasheet, please click on the relevant product.

Material Data Center offers information about the following products with the requested tradename. The overall effect of two stabilizers is better than what would be expected based on the sum of effects of each component alone.

Topics at K This is a high-molecular, solid phosphate ester melting point: Exhibitor data Our range of products Our products About us.

Our range of products. Additives, palmaro,e Phenolic Phenolic antioxidants are radical scavengers which prevent thermal degradation of many organic and polymeric materials. To achieve UL 94 V-0 0.

Thanks to the biphenyl unit and oligomeric structure, the product has very good thermal stability and low volatility. Additional information about this tradename, like producer contact address, etc. This plant also produces engineering thermoplastic compounds mostly on a toll compounding basis. Other products in the company’s range include the oligomeric phosphates PFRanddesigned for Material Data Center offers a comprehensive plastics database, calculation tools, CAE interfaces, a literature palmmarole and an application database.




This flame retardant constitutes an attractive alternative to flame retardants containing bromine and to cycloaliphatic chlorine compounds. Dashboard Dashboard home Activityboard. Such combinations are more effective palmwrole hindered phenol alone.

ADK Stab FP and are halogen-free, intumescent flame retardants based on phosphorous and adekaa for polypropylene — homo and copolymer — as well as polyethylen Topic of the Month. Additives, other Phosphorus based Phosphites are efficient decomposers of hydroperoxides that are formed during the autooxidation of polymers. Paljarole international,Compounds and Masterbatches For access to this extra information a registration is requested.

Kunststoffe international,Flame Retardants: Become an exhibitor Online registration.

Adeka Palmarole S.A.S.

ADEKA is committed to maintain its well-earned reputation for bringing a succession of innovative and successful new polymer additives to the world market. In no way this information can be seen as a legal advice, whether certain tradenames are protected or not.

For more information about Material Data Center visit palmarlle.

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