Acropora hyacinthus is a coral that forms large, low, roughly circular tables or semi-circular brackets. It has a fairly variable form, mostly due to its very wide. PDF | On Jan 1, , Fumihito Iwase and others published Artificial breeding method of Acropora hyacinthus (Scleractinia, Cnidaria). original description (ofAcropora conferta (Quelch, )) Quelch, J.J. Report on the reef-corals collected by H.M.S. Challenger during the years

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Without intense light this coral is likely to loose its coloration. The species looks similar to Acropora cytherea. Dec 25, Messages: Madrepora Polystachys conferta Quelch, Synonymy.

All intermediate conditions are common. Showing plate formation in exposed habitat. Share This Page Tweet. Acropora pectinata Brook, synonymy.

Acropora bifurcata Nemenzo, Synonymy. The species was originally described by James Dwight Dana in as Madrepora hyacinthus. It has a fairly variable form, mostly due to its very wide range of habitats. Dampier Archipelago, western Australia.


Draft saved Draft deleted. I’ll try to get a decent picture of it later. Is the red planet A. ORA worked with the red planet for over 2 years before releasing that coral.

Isn’t the ORA red planet a hyacinthus?

Acropora Hyacinthus

VeronNishihira and Veron Showing plate formation in sheltered habitat. This page was last edited on acrropora Septemberat The one drawback with them is as they grow, they make a big shadow. Plate of loosely interlinked branches.

I have trouble keeping it green. In all cases, branchlets turn upwards vertically from the upper surface of the tables. Like other Tabling Acros, the flow pattern and direction will dictate the growth pattern.

Acropora hyacinthus occurs in plate- or hyacithus wide colonies that consist of a number of thin branches in a lattice structure. A tabular species with fine branches which project upwards.

Plates are usually solid towards the centre of large colonies. Acropora spiciferaAcropora tanegashimensis Taxonomic note: Calcium, Alk, and Mag.


Retrieved 5 January Ur hitting it with too much intensity. Articles with ‘species’ microformats. Acropora turbinata Dana, Here is a top down picture of mine. Blackhawk FanFeb 17, Acropora Polystachus pectinata Brook, synonymy.

Acropora Hyacinthus | REEF2REEF Saltwater and Reef Aquarium Forum

Yes, my password is: All Fact Sheets Acropora hyacinthus Acropora hyacinthus Dana, Colonies are wide flat plates and tables or tiered aggregations of small plates.

Upper reef slopes and outer reef flats. Log in or Sign up.

Colonies are wide flat plates and tables or tiered aggregations of small plates. I’ve got the red planet also.

Map displaying probable distribution of species. Fine upward projecting branchlets have a rosette-like arrangement of radial corallites. Madrepora turbinata Dana, synonymy. Madrepora sinensis Brook, synonymy.

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