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Note: A newer version of this document exists. This document was replaced by View Notes – R Guide for Design & Construction of Concrete Parking Lots from CIVE at University of Louisiana, Lafayette. ACI R Guide for. The Gold Standard for Concrete. Parking Lot Design. • Goals: 1) Why use ACI ? 2) Basic elements of ACI R 3) To magnify need to use ACI over.

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The International Concrete Abstracts Portal is an ACI led collaboration with leading technical organizations from within the international concrete industry and offers the most comprehensive collection of published concrete abstracts. The rule-of-thumb for maximum joint spacing is 30 times the pavement thickness converts in unit of feet i. RCC is a great option for heavy duty pavements, such as truck parking lots, container shipping areas, and military vehicle storage.

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There’s quite a bit of information on the web about concrete parking lots. Axi are welcome mats for your building and as such, they should make a positive contribution to it. Setting side forms and using hand screeds, truss screeds, or other vibrating screeds is another option, and probably the most common.

We found it superior to asphalt in almost all categories including quality, durability, maintenance, and job scheduling.

The hardening of concrete depends on a chemical reaction or the hydration of cement. Do not stabilize the subbase Use integral curb Specify psi concrete Do not use reinforcement Do not seal joints Simple maintanence costs of other pavement systems asphalt, gravel, pavers made over year span often equal or exceed the initial construction costs.

Joint sealing is only necessary if the joints are wide. Generally, in freeze-thaw areas where deicing salts are used, psi should be the minimum compressive strength for a parking lot. An early-entry, dry-saw machine is recommended. When you leave the jobsite, make sure the owner understands what needs to happen to keep the parking lot in good condition. Parking lots are thickened at the edges, either by excavating the subbase or with a curb, to support the loads.


Isolation joints permit vertical and horizontal movement between the slab and any 330r-011 objects that the slab abuts. They are used for storage of vehicles and goods. Aside from concrete being long lasting and durable, there are many other benefits to concrete including ease of design and construction; appearance versatility; economic benefits such as reduced energy costs; and environmental benefits. Can I eliminate welded wire mesh for my concrete parking lot?

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When comparing parking lots to other concrete applications, they are obviously subjected to higher loads 330r-0 floors. Reflects three times better than darker alternatives, calling for less lighting Array of textures,shapes, patterns, and colors Not affected by petroleum products Competitive intial costs and virtually maintenance free Resists deformation of ruts and deep depressions.

A newer version of this document exists. Contact CCRM for guidance on decorative concrete options and specification assistance. This means lower ambient air temperatures, less air pollution, and cooler, cleaner stormwater runoff. Also known as expansion joints, isolation joints separate slabs from fixed objects like walls and columns so that slabs can move independently of other parts of the structure.

Curing should start as soon as placing and finishing is completed-the surface will not be damaged. The hydration process depends on temperature, time and moisture.

R Guide for Design & Construction of Concrete Parking Lots

A 3- to 4-inch-thick layer is placed over a milled asphalt surface. With concrete, it’s easy! The use of distributed steel reinforcement will not add to the load-carrying capacity of the pavement and should not be used in anticipation of poor construction practices. Cai that drains is an environmentally friendly paving alternative that allows storm water to drain through rather than run off.


Michael Davy email: This document was replaced by For projects less than 50, square feet, the initial cost may be less or equal to that of asphalt, provided that both systems 330r–01 the same structural number SN.

They reduce bleeding, increase impact and shatter resistance, as well as abrasion resistance.

Concrete surfaces can range from a broom finish to a stamped surface, where the strength and durability of a concrete slab can show the aesthetic appeal of brick or stone pavers. Perhaps what defines it as a parking lot, and what makes it a little different to design and build, is the sloped surface for drainage, the ability to handle heavy vehicular acu, and severe environmental exposure.

Concrete’s single layer system allows for faster construction. As with any slab, there are several ways to construct concrete parking lots. Concrete Parking Lots Strong, attractive, cost effective, and virtually maintenance free – concrete parking lots are a wise business decision! Here are a few of the best places:.

When you throw in the other advantages of concrete, especially the long-term costs, it is, as contractor Len Swederski says, a no-brainer. Courts and Cracks, Effingham, 3330r-01. Concrete pavements are also a key element of the Cool Communities movement.

The savings, when using concrete, are: Need to get the project done quickly? Parking Lots Asphalt vs. Concrete parking lots aren’t just standard concrete afi.

Incorporating straightforward design and ease of construction, concrete parking is also the economical choice for the long term, because of its strength, durability and minimal maintenance requirements. The best practice for designers is to layout predetermined spacing on the plan prior to construction.

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