Abyssal Genasi – Souls of Elemental Evil The elements can be corrupted. If the cults of elemental evil were not proof of that, simply lo. The interesting thing that first jumped out at me, from the first paragraphs, is that the Abyssal Genasi isn’t just a corrupted Genasi, but a curse. Genasi is a player character race in 4th edition Dungeons& Dragons. Dragon added corrupt manifestations for abyssal genasi, and Dragon also.

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As a result, abyssal genasi are harder to revive than most races. Like the water that their spirits are attuned to, they can swing between ferocity and destructive impulses and a tranquil state of mind.

Save for in 3rd edition where earth genasi were explicitly noted to come from non-human stock. I assume Causticsoul is Earth. Originally Posted by Dark Sun Gnome. Also different from their 4e counterparts as they can grow hair.

Under the 4e ruleset is any mention made of what abyssall to worn or held items when you surge? In the mortal world, it’s sealed and locked. They play a prominent role in my 4e FR game, wherein.

Your poison breaks down rapidly even when bottled. Abysssl post a comment, please login or register a new account. Though genasi don’t like to talk about it, most genasi in the Elemental Chaos are slaves; their resistance to the elemental attributes of that plane make them highly valuable to giants and genies in comparison to their relatively perishable human ancestors.


Those are really good! Korobokuru – Hengeyokai – Spirit Folk.

Fire Genasi are hotblooded, mercurial, proud and fearless. The most common genasi are those who share a manifestation with the four classical elements: Water Genasi are both patient and independent, afraid of neither solving problems on their own nor genawi taking the time to ensure the solution works.

Edited by – sfdragon on 11 Feb If the result of the roll exceeds the caster’s spell save DC, the revival magic fails, otherwise the genasi is affected by the spell normally.

As an action, you can dissolve 1 square inch of non-magical metal per round. I egnasi see the light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but.

[5e] Abyssal Genasi : DnD

These are so different to standard genasi in one part because of mixed ancestry and in part because of the taint that defiling has had on Athas. Most adventurers never encounter one of them. Because the World Axis shook off the grid-based Elemental Planes for the chaotic, ever-changing Elemental Chaosgenasi in the World Axis have a trait never seen before or since; the ability to belong to multiple elements at the same time.

When you are hit by an attack, you can use your reaction to cast your acid splash cantrip against your attacker. I mean, it depends on the setting. These and many other problems present themselves as I consider this. Originally Posted by Rechan. There’s also a racial paragon path, the Soul of Erosion, which a variant Elemental Tempest for combining Watersoul and Causticsoul manifestations. And that PP encounter attack is just a plain creepy thing to be able to do.


Genasi – 1d4chan

The Amethyst Sea is outnumbered, outfinanced and outmatched by their many enemies – especially the abyszal and the dao. Yeah, this means grave genasi are pretty likely to be mistaken for mortifif not outright undead. Hot-tempered, full of energy, high strung and quick to action, they have perhaps the worst reputation of their kind, with many presuming these arrogant planetouched are innately evil.

As an abyssal genasi, you are descended from demons.


Mixing in an Outer planar heritage on top of that is genaasi overkill, thinks I. You can cause any creature within 20 ft and f you to be intimidated as a bonus action once per turn. You do however gain advantage on intimidation checks against any creature other than abyssal genasi and demons.

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