Press Release, June 19, ; New ABB DCS Drive, Ideal For Plastics Applications, Makes Quantum Leap In Dc Technology – Smallest. View and Download ABB DCS manual online. DCS Thyristor power converter for DC drive systems 20 to A 9 to kW. DCS DC Drives pdf . The DCS is a digital DC drive that was introduced in It was ABB’s first drive featuring a start-up assistant, and ease of use. The DCS is targeted at.

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No need for a field voltage adaptation transformer to match the line supply voltage with that of the motor. Speed can be defined in parameter 5.

Power Interface Board Sdcs-pin-3a Technical data 3. Operating Instructions Hints for speed controller autotuning Drive accelerates dca400 overspeed Only successfully commissioned selftuning will change With default parameter values defaults: Page 74 Overview of Software custom.

Overview of Software Speed controller After successful autotuning the following controller parameters are set: The field supply, including the fuse and choke, are integrated into the DCSqbb contributing to its small size and simplicity of design. The thyristor power converter weighs quite a lot and should therefore not be held by the front cover.

ABB DCS 400 Manual

Page Installation Industrial low Industrial low voltage lines are local lines in plants or factories. Page Installation Definitions Earth, earthing for safety Ground, grounding for EMC, connection with chassis or housing with low inductance Vcs400 instructions for plants with line fcs400 ters Filter in an earthed line TN or TT Network The filters are suitable for earthed lines only, for example in public European V lines. Page Eliminate speed offset via Tacho Offset 5.


Page 77 Overview of Software ParNo.

Overview of Software Monitoring the Mains Voltage: The following de- scription is an overview. In the case you need a fieldbus other than shown, please contact your local ABB sales office.

Page Installation Others Earthed public The rated voltages of a public European low voltage line are V low voltage between the 3 phases and V between a phase and the neutral lines conductor. Page 81 Overview of Software ParNo. Speed actual value Speed Act 5.

Reference list of Diagnostic dcw400 Please contact your ABB local – sorted by alphabetical order service center.

If the consignment is incomplete or contains any incorrect items, please contact the supplier. Don’t have an account?

Technical Data Technical data 3 Technical Dcs00 3. Selection parameters are selected from a prede- fined text list and confirmed. Page Installation Power cables If a screen is not necessary see 13 the armature current cable without screens must be a four-wire cable because two wires are needed as con- ductors for the parasitic RF currents from the motor to the Dca400 filter in the cubicle. Page 85 Overview of Software custom.

DCS field supply V ABB’s website uses cookies. DC Converter ; Typecode: Overview of Software 4. Auto Main con- 6. Control and Display Units of the DCS System overview DCS For operation, commissioning, diagnosis and for The coupling to an overriding system PLC takes controlling the drive, there are different possibil- place over a serial interface with a fibre-optic link ities available.

Installation Separation A separation transformer makes line chokes unnecessary because transformers of its leakage inductance, and a grounded screen between its windings saves an EMC filter, see and 4.


Joliet Technologies – ABB DCS Digital DC Converter Drive

Serial Interfaces Status word allocation Panel-Port 4 bits of the status word data set 2. Parameter name and significance Default Unit setting Grp 4 Field 4. Page 73 Overview of Software ParNo. The fuses’ construction requires special fuse holders. This absolute Torque Lim Pos 3. During start-up, the abn outputs, which reference value sources are used, etc. The speed feedback with tachogenerator is set with The significance of the inputs are defined by a macro.

Overview of Software 1. Simplicity of operation is a ab of the drive.

Alarm definition 00 No Minimum Order Quantity: Page Overview of Software ParNo. In this kind of transmis- You can display all parameters of the DCS in their sion, decimal values are simply transmitted in binary physical quantities by means of operating panel or the form i. Where Used as a spare part for “Products”. Call Us Toll Free! Overview of Software custom. Page Operating Instructions Start of guided commissioning Commissioning step Comments Unexpected trouble dc400 guided commissioning can be eliminated easily.

It is dcs40 a binding recommendation, and it cannot re- spect all conditions of a plant. There was a problem with your request.

Page Installation Screening Signal cables The cables for digital signals, which are longer than 3 m and all ca- bles for analogue signals, must be screened.

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