.. Dit aanvraagformulier is ook verkrijgbaar in het Nederlands. spouse. invalidity benefits under the Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act (WIA benefits). when you receive a ZW-, WAZ-, WAO-, WIA- or WAJONG benefit. Please check C. Do you have a diploma from one of the.

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The residence permit for continued residence is therefore also called an independent residence permit. This extract may not be older than 6 months; The Appendix Exchange Organisation Sponsor Declaration filled in completely and signed by the private organisation; The Appendix Declaration of Non-Impediment filled in completely and signed by you, showing that you are unmarried and that you do not provide for children of your own or for children that depend on you. Are you a national of the Union or a family member of a national of the Union and have you stayed in the Netherlands for a continuous period of 5 years or more?

You can only apply for a VVR for one purpose of stay. We therefore advice you to have the relevant documents legalised or provided with an Apostille stamp in the country of origin several months before submitting the application.

A document issued by the grantor or the European Union showing that a fellowship has been granted to you, or proof of your income, see Appendix Proof of Income. If your sponsor has meanwhile reached the age of 18 years, also submit the following: Application for a residence permit for a long-term third country national from outside the EU sponsor Read the explanation before you start to fill out the form.

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Documents showing that you have applied to the Repatriation and Departure Service with the request to assist you in submitting an application for a replacement travel document, a so-called laissez passer. What to do to regain Dutch citizenship? Your application must be accompanied by copies of the front and back of your residence permit. In this assessment, the following factors may be included: If you want to qualify for a residence permit for the purpose of re-entry, you are usually exempt from the MVV requirement.

You must accompany this application by the relevant evidence. If you tick more than one purpose of stay, your application will only be assessed on the purpose ticked first. It is not necessary to copy empty pages. A copy of a visa issued on medical grounds. A certificate of registration at the Chamber of Commerce. If you want to attend a higher education course and you do not have a provisional residence permit, then do not use this form, but contact the educational institution.


Studying and Working in Germany A brochure on the legal requirements of residence for third-country nationals Studying and Working in Germany A brochure on the legal requirements of residence for third-country.

This question More information.

An original extract not a copy from the Municipal Administration GBA showing the home address and composition of your host family the sponsor. If several doctors are in charge of your treatment, the consent to contact these doctors must be given separately for each doctor. You must also submit the following: Please answer all questions on behalf of the child. The IND may verify the correctness of the enclosed wage, employment and benefit details at another government agency e.

If you want to stay in the Netherlands for study purposes, the following applies: It is, however, very probable that you will be exempt from the MVV requirement after all, because you were a lawful resident of the Netherlands as a Dutch national before you were 19 years of age for a period of 5 consecutive years, and you did not change your main residence to a country outside the Netherlands.

If during the handling of your application it becomes evident that you meet all conditions of admission concerning work on a self-employed basis, you do not require an MVV on the basis of an international treaty. If the exchange concerns voluntary work, also submit the following: A copy of the Approval in Principle of the Ministry of Security and Justice, Directorate-General for Prevention, Youth and Sanctions; A copy of the declaration showing that a licensed adoption placement agency was used.

Always have a new passport photo made by a professional photographer who is familiar with the applicable requirements for passport photos in the Netherlands. Copies of diplomas obtained if the diploma s were obtained abroad; the diploma s must have been recognised by the Nuffic. You can make an appointment with the Municipal Health Service GGD in the region where you are staying visit for more information.

You can only use this form. You must also make an appointment if you downloaded this form from Once you have made an appointment, you can hand in the application at the IND desk.


In light of the recent changes, More information. This guide will tell you more If you are resident in an EU Member State and earn interest on deposits or investments More information.

You are not obliged to submit a separate application for this purpose. The costs depend on the aanvraagofrmulier of stay for which you submit an application. Or do you have.

It is not necessary to copy empty pages; A copy of a medical declaration relating to you issued in the country of origin see the explanation on Foreign Documents on page 2 and Language on page 3 of this form ; Evidence showing that your parent s or legal representative s consent to your going to live in the Netherlands with the sponsor. Copies of all the pages containing the identification details of your minor child s Dutch passport or identity card.

A copy of your employment agreement or your Employer’s Declaration if you have worked in the Netherlands in the past for a period of six months or more; A copy of a certificate of participation in a course in the Aanraagformulier, which course you attended for a period of six months or more; A copy of an NT2 diploma for ‘Dutch as a Second Language’ at A2 level’; If you did not graduate in an English-speaking country: You must also set out clearly in which way you give content to wka family life.

Working as a self-employed person in the Netherlands Working as a self-employed person in the Netherlands 3 Mission IND Migration poses ever-changing and complex problems for our society.

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Under 20, Residence permit due to absence of all guilt on page 16, you will find a list of documents and supplementary evidence by which you must prove this. Proof of your income, see Appendix Proof of Income ; A copy of a document issued by the Dutch authority competent in this matter showing that you are qualified to practise a profession or operate a business; A copy of your business plan, including the following information: I am unmarried, and of age.

Eustatius and Saba Contents 1.

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