“A Pair of Silk Stockings” was written by Kate Chopin in April of and later published in Known for including in her stories local color from the. Kate Chopin’s Short Stories Summary and Analysis of “A Pair of Silk After choosing a black pair of stockings, Mrs. Sommers buys them and. Our story today is called “A Pair of Silk Stockings.” It was written by Kate Chopin. Here is Barbara Klein with the story. (MUSIC). STORYTELLER.

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She had no time to think about the past. When she entered, her appearance created no surprise or concern, as she had half feared it might. When she arrived at the large department store, she sat in front of an empty counter.

The needs of the present took all her energy. She did not wish to act quickly and do anything she might regret. She had never entered its doors. When she was finished, she counted the money out to the waiter and left an extra coin on his tray. But the temptation proves too much and she succumbs to the “mechanical impulse that directed her actions and freed her stocikngs responsibility”—words which prefigure Edna Pontellier in Chopin’s later novel The Awakening.


Kate Chopin: A Re-Awakening – A Pair of Silk Stockings

She had let herself be controlled by some machine-like force that directed chopih actions and freed her of responsibility. This page was last edited on 13 Septemberat Her foot and ankle looked very lovely.

Then she picked up her magazine and looked through it. The Marital Burden and the Lure of Consumerism”. MUSIC There was still money in her purse, and her next gift to herself presented itself as a theater advertisement. In truth, he saw nothing — unless he was a magician.

But that day she was tired and a little bit weak. She had sometimes looked through the windows. She held back her skirts and turned her feet one way and her head another way as she looked pzir at the shiny, pointed boots. Sommers has been able to maintain her selflessness. Retrieved from ” https: This may be important as though it is possible that Mrs Sommers is a widow it is more likely that by making no mention of a husband Chopin is further suggesting that women in general at the time the story was written were responsible for the care and upbringing of their children.

She had noted the white table cloths, shining glasses and waiters serving wealthy people. She thought about her day. Two red marks suddenly showed on her pale face.


For the first time she seemed to be taking a rest from the tiring act of thought. The neighbors are all aware of what Mrs. It is possible that Chopin bby introducing this line into the story is also suggesting that not all women, when they got married, found that their circumstances had improved. It was all very agreeable.

Views Read Edit View history. Our story today is called “A Pair of Silk Stockings.

Short Story: ‘A Pair of Silk Stockings’ by Kate Chopin

Her new pait and boots and gloves had worked wonders for her appearance. Then he would sense her heartbreaking wish that the cable car would never stop anywhere, but go on and on with her forever. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There were other places where money might be spent.

It was like a dream ended. It seemed lost in her worn old shopping bag. He could not resolve her worn, old shoes with her beautiful, new stockings.

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