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Vibrant buys and sells new and used IBM A Servers and upgrades for the IBM Power Server line at great price savings off IBM list pricing. $2, IBM 52A Server, GHz 2-Core POWER5+, no memory, no $1, IBM A Ghz Quad Processor Power5+ Server. Maximum Midrange has specs and pricing on the A. Check with us for replacement drives, memory, SCSI controllers, compatible tape drives and more.

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Does not apply One Processor Entitlement for Processor Feature No Longer Available as of May 28, This feature number will permanently entitle one processor on a processor card. Slots 2 and 3 are bit, and run at 66 MHz.

Used IBM pSeries p A Server | Model 52A | Buy, Sell, Rent | Parts & Memory

This support is provided with AIX 5. No Serial Port Converter Cable, 9-Pin to Pin This cable converts the 9-pin serial port on the system to a pin serial port which allows the user to attach pin serial devices to the system. 52x or must be ordered if feature or is ordered.

For optimum performance, the adapter should be placed in a 64 bit PCI-X card slot whenever possible. The Service Processor supports surveillance of the connection to the HMC and to the system firmware hypervisor. FC is always to be in used in a 9113 Availability configuration using two adapters.


Does not apply Rack Status Beacon Junction Box This feature provides six input connectors and one output connector for racks configured with the Rack Status Beacon Four cables are provided per each order. Does not apply Language Group Specify – Russian Russian language group for nomenclature and standard publications.

In applications where the end-to-end network cannot sustain high performance and or connectivity is more important than overall bandwidth performance the performance maximum quantity can be exceeded up to the connectivity maximum quantity. Connection of 1 to 4 T1 Trunk lines.

Half Duplex HDX mode is not supported. Entitlement of processor for Attributes required: Multiple Junction Boxes may be linked in series, as required. To order, contact your IBM representative.


Express Product Offering K8 Attributes required: 52q adapter can be used to attach devices either directly, or by means of Fibre Channel Switches. 25a of the SPT is not required. If you are running with AIX 5. This adapter plugs into the system backplane GX slot. Feature code will negotiate with each external device and transfer data 52q the fastest SCSI data transfer rate capable by the external device. The two built-in USB ports conveniently provide for additional expansion. Express Product Offering K7 Attributes required: Plug type 22 SABS Two or more Junction Boxes For A: This “no charge” feature will be placed on an initial order for a rack-mountable device by the Configuration Tool when the order does not include a 19″ Rack.


IBM P5 520 (913152A) Server

If you order a 91131 p5 server Express Product Offering as defined here, you may qualify for a processor activation at no extra charge. Does not apply – Day Indicator Administrative indicator used to enable configuration of orders with a total quantity greater than thirty to be processed. This adapter can be configured to run at 10,or Mbps data rates.

The Service Processor event log also logs unrecoverable checkstop conditions and forwards them to the Service Focal Point if the system is HMC attached. DDR2 Memory Attributes required: Distances of up to meters running at 1 Gbps data rate and up to meters running at 2 Gbps data rate are supported between the adapter and an attaching device or switch.


The adapter also supports jumbo frames when running at the Mbps speed. US Business Partners and Distributors can bypass this step. Connection 91311 supported InfiniBand switches are accomplished by using the 4x Cables.

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