Swordmages were powerful arcane spellcasters who blended martial combat with magic, often but not always elemental in nature. Ancient traditions of. So someone got me a Borders gift card for Christmas, and I already had all the D&D books I wanted, so I went ahead and got the FRPG. Just curious, my friend wants to play a swordmage and I have no clue which book to find it in, but I know the class exists Help? Thanks!.

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The two handed fighter will take more pain, but will finish his enemies faster, so it all balances itself in the end.

Sloth Strike E3 Slows target on successful hit, so pretty cool. The swoddmage with Polearm Gamble being that you don’t have the Fighter’s ability to halt someone or do anything to slow them down if they attack youso it isn’t a particularly nice trick.

Dimensional Warp U2 Great for getting an ally out of a tight spot, or getting a Striker into position. Join Date Sep Posts 2. Be Gone D9 Force an enemy to teleport away from you.


On your turn, you still have those bonuses, so you use your Headband of Intellect’s minor action power to ewordmage a plus 4 on top of the plus 2 you’ve already got, use an action point, and wreck the heck out of your enemies. Find out what you can do. Neither of those races appear in the Player’s Handbook II.


We don’t take it, however. Watch headings for an “edit” link when available. Also, the thread title says 4e. Do not attempt to call anyone out.

Masters of Blade Magic: A Swordmage Handbook (By Herid_Fel)

From the class skills list below, choose three more trained skills at 1st level. This path is HUGE. I’ve built several low-level characters in 4E, and even though I haven’t played most of them, the Swordmage doesn’t seem too much better than my Paladins and Fighters. Aegis of Assault Swordmage Feature [spoiler] You create an arcane link between you and a foe, allowing you to instantly respond to its attacks with a counter assault.

Must be really hard to mod being 5 bears and all. While this means that our basic AC is only 14, we’ll take a feat at first level to make up for it. Sleet Strike E7 Dragon Forces your opponent to move – and not shift – away from you, which typically provokes opportunity attacks. Measly psychic damage and the target is dominated? The filters work on reddit mobile.

Gnomes are getting a real write-up as a player race?

Variable Defense U6 Dragon Elemental resistance that you can change. The main point of the class is that while you have great potential, you either focus on defense getting at best a little sowrdmage on Plate users OR on offense and thus not completely suck on that regard.


Because Twilight Falls is just plain awesome in combination with your mark.

You do lots of Elemental damage, and now you’ll do more. I saordmage think it’s the quintessential aegis of assault weapon. Weapon Focus – increase your damage with all attacks when you use a weapon from a weapon group, including when you use your weapon as an Implement power!

Swordmages have a number of Paragon Paths outside of those found in the Forgotten Realms documentation, such as the ones in Arcane Swordnage as well as one or two tucked away in the Manual of the Planes.

Their at-wills are great. Perhaps the swordmage pays for easy defense with hard health? I prefer to see ToB as power equalization rather than power creep That’s countered by the simple stickiness 4d fighters. Prior to the November updatewhen the swordmage became unconscious, Swordmage Warding’s bonus to AC was lost until taking a short or extended rest. Paladin – Champion of Order! Ok, this was done many times already.

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