1. I do not own the Squats, Warhammer 40k, warpath, Forge fathers, or any of the art shown in this codex. All rights belong to their respectful owners. EXO-ARMOR: Due to the adverse conditions in the mines of the homeworlds, the Squats developed a type of armor similar to the imperium’s Tactical. 40K Squats Codex Pdf 7,6/10 votes. Codex Warhammer 4. Wikipedia. Example early 3rd edition Codex Imperial Guard Each codex had its.

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Whereas the Squtas experiments into magnetic projectiles lead them down the path of railguns, the Squats wanted a weapon less temperamental, finding that the swift process of wearing that Railguns undergo made them undesirable. The worlds at the galactic core were rich in rare and unique minerals, but in terms of life were barren and unsuited for colonisation.

The planets were rich in minerals and ores human civilization desperately needed, and so millions of ships full of miners and explorers were sent out. Carrying his ancestral war axe Surtr along with the ancient Plasma Blaster Foe Blaster and the Golden Ring of Wards, the Overlord of Norgyr is a monster of a fighter, but also a skilled and charismatic commander who leads with courage and honour, as well as wisdom and determination.

May choose equipment from the Vehicle Armory list. All he can tell covex he was once a Heartguard, and that he had a family he lost in a tragic incident that he does not want to talk about. Back during the later stages of The Great Crusade and the early days of the Horus Heresy, the Squats that joined the side of Warmaster Horus, and who would found the hated League of Emberg in the future, were given new capabilities when they came into contact with the presence of Chaos.

Colonists were forced to become self-sufficient, providing their own underground grown food. For every Warlord of a Squat Hold, there are dozens of Thanes that answer to him directly. Armed with only an inertial wrench and a rivet bolter, and armoured in a void suit, Ulgin somehow managed to hold off the entropic parasites for long enough that the Kapellar Exo-Warriors aboard the ship could arrive and destroy the infestation before it got fully underway.

The first Overlord Airship was a re-purposed refinery blimp that 4k engineers of Kapellar had to quickly come up with when one of their holds was besieged by a large horde of Chaos Daemons in M Bull Centaurs are so big and massive codx they even tower over Ogryns though being equally mentally challenged and matched by Space Marine Centurions.

Eventually, the Squats were accepted, along with other abhumansas being human in nature. However, due to the decreased mobility, Squats may only consolidate, never advance.


Squat sappers are the masters of this type of combat, capable of bringing down structures in such a way that requires minimum resources for maximum destruction.

This dome lasts for 1 turn and blocks Line of sight, movement, etc When the Frateris Templars broke into the Hold, they found hordes of angry Ogryns armed with shields, power picks, chainaxes and what looked like back-mounted turrets.

A powerful drilling machine turned military equipment. Squats of any renown are barred from this unit, being told that they are better off putting any skills they have to other uses while any Vengeance Bringer that is present is one that has miraculously survived a long time in the unit. May only be used on buildings or vehicles. However as a valued member of the brotherhood many go to him for advice including cldex Elders that make up the leadership of the Brotherhood.

Retrieved from ” https: Some say that they outright stole the STC data. When this weapon is within half range, roll twice coodex determine damage and keep the highest. Seconds before he rammed his drill directly into the sarcophagus of the Ferrum Infernus Dreadnought Gashro of the Word Bearers.

Targeting synapse creatures, Greater Daemons, and Ork Warbosses with brutal efficiency and fading away before their enemies could react. Inspired by squatss designs originally created by a Terran Noble and created at first as mobile refineries to extract gases from gas giants, the Overlords, like many things the Squats use in war, started out as a simple machine used for economic purposes like the exo-armours coeex iron brothers, only to be turned into war machines of the holds.

Youngsters who, in the dead of night, snuck into the opposing clans hold, and did their best to slaughter every last Squat they could lay their hands upon. Commonly armed squate a Shot Rifle, which is capable of shredding through armor and flesh, they form a bulwark which squays the most ferocious assault can smash aside.

No matter which way of warfare he chooses, Brokk unleashes his arsenal of bizarre weapons and support mechanisms that would make even a Magos of Mars or a Ork Big Mek feel jealous. Additionally, while this weapon is firing at a target within half range, each successful to-hit roll inflicts 2 hits rather dquats 1.

Codex-Squats 8th Edition

Though they are seen working with the fledgling Tau Empire, they do not allow the latter to have them folded into their so called “Federation” as they are as independent and armed to the teeth as the other Leagues. Combined with his knowledge and centuries of hard won experience, every enemy was either routed 40i utterly annihilated. Shortly after making this comment, he was summarily executed by the Regimental Commissar.

For strange reasons easily mistaken for Necrons at first glance, Golem Androids do share some similarities with them. Combined with the enormous strength, a charge from one will trample everyone smaller than the brute and smash through any obstruction or obstacle.


The sheer nature of an underground traveling morter causes it to be a bit unpredictable. This also resulted in him becoming a dedicated Tyranid hunter, and probably this was one of the sqjats that drove him to become Master Engineer. With the appearance of Tyranids, 40kk situation became grim as Squat worlds were devoured one by one, some being of great historical importance.

On a to-wound roll of six, this qsuats deals 6 damage rather than 3. Let’s show these Guardsmen how you clear a trench full of Greenskins! Captain of the Overlord Airship The Grudge-Thrower during the aforementioned Proctoclus Crusade while laughing off the futile attempts of the Tau to try and shoot him down. Some Squat technologies were absorbed into the Imperium, especially tunneling vehicles and weaponry such as the Termite.

Domination The Mighty mind of the Ancestor Lord is brought to bear on the enemy. He in fact likes to collect everything from his encounters with enemy psykers, which are usually bits or charms taken from their armours. Squats were discontinued from the game in the s by Games Workshop though their existence remains canon. They will fight to the death. Charonite Claws – When the League of Emberg first made the Bull Centaurs, they equipped these powerful mutants with the same Charonite Claws used by the Charonites of the Imperium’s Auxilia, bonded in place of the Bull Centaurs own hands and forearms.

These resulted in the first Bull Centaurs to come into being. During the bitter wars between the various Squat holds, Grindel was rad-bombed into a blasted oblivion. Possessed of great fighting skills, decades of experience, incredible courage and cunning, Warlords lead their lads through the most grueling of battles.

The Squats traded with the Orks and Eldar during this period. Armies also included squads in exo-armour supported with bikes and trikes.

Squat 40K 3rd edition Codex

While they are just as capable of soaking up damage just as the Bull Centaurs, these mockeries of the Machine Spirit are not possessed of their brutish cousins rage, instead being slow and methodical in destroying their enemies.

Ministorum Priests in Squat armies differ little when compared to those seen in the Imperium of Man. Armed with the standard rotary shot cannon, it is very reliable against most enemies, the Ironhammers can replace it with many of the more powerful weapons in the arsenal of a hold to take on practically everything, up to including Titans.

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